Looking for examples: How is using Checkmk to detect log4j vulnerabilities?

Hi folks,

I am looking for someone, who can give me a short demo how she or he is using or has used the Checkmk log4j2-scan.

I am a technical writer for tribe29, and it would help me a lot to see, how organizations handle the zero-day exploit Log4Shell with Checkmk.

Anything you show and tell me will not be named in an article or so. It is just about getting a better understanding.

Looking forward to your feedback. Answer me below this post or send me a private message.

In case you did not hear about the Checkml plugin to scan for vulnerable Log4j systems, you can find it in this blog: Automatically detecting log4j vulnerabilities in your IT | Checkmk

you can contact me for details and a remote session.

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or more directly here on the author’s web page :wink:

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