Make use of the yara rules to identify malware

Have you thought about giving a functionality to the checkmk also for cybersecurity?

For example, make use of the yara rules to identify malware samples in some files. Similar to the log pattern finder.

While this is a quite interesting idea, I think it does not really fit into the product strategy. But I am not the one to decide that.

More importantly: If you get value from this, why not develop a plugin yourself and earn glory and praise on :wink:

hehe, I wish I had time for this too :slight_smile: Maybe later I’ll try. I think checkmk would be a great security tool


I hear you @a3093, time’s the rarest resource in this world. :see_no_evil:

Someone beat you to the punch, but there is room for improvement. :wink:

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This is great news. A very large value for Checkmk
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