Manual Linux systemd agent installation

Is there documentation for a manual installation of the Linux CheckMK agent ?

I did look, but I couldn’t find anything that doesn’t use the deb/rpm approach. I’m using Arch Linux so needed another approach. Here’s what I did, seems to work - not sure if I am missing anything?

  1. On the CheckMK server
tar cvf /tmp/agent.tar -C /opt/omd/versions/2.1.0p17.cre/share/check_mk/agents scripts linux/cmk-agent-ctl check_mk_agent.linux
  1. On the Linux client

First, copy the agent.tar created in step 1, then

mkdir -p /var/lib/cmk-agent
tar xvf agent.tar -C /var/lib/cmk-agent
mv /var/lib/cmk-agent/check_mk_agent.linux /usr/bin/check_mk_agent
mv /var/lib/cmk-agent/linux/cmk-agent-ctl /usr/bin/cmk-agent-ctl
/var/lib/cmk-agent/scripts/super-server/setup deploy
/usr/bin/cmk-agent-ctl dump | head -n 2
  1. Fix the socket

I found the above installed the domain socket rather than TCP. I fixed that like this

cp /var/lib/cmk-agent/scripts/super-server/0_systemd/check-mk-agent.socket.fallback /usr/lib/systemd/system/check-mk-agent.socket
systemctl daemon-reload
/var/lib/cmk-agent/scripts/super-server/setup trigger

After that, I could tickle the agent

ss -tulpn | grep 6556
/usr/bin/cmk-agent-ctl dump 

And adding the host on CheckMK worked.

It would be nice if this if this was documented and/or a .tar of the required files could be downloaded from Setup->Agents-Linux. Unless I missed something, apologies if I have :slight_smile:

Thx for the tutorial

I got the following errors:

 /var/lib/cmk-agent/scripts/super-server/setup deploy
Deploying agent controller: /usr/bin/cmk-agent-ctl
gzip: /var/lib/cmk-agent/cmk-agent-ctl.gz: No such file or directory
...Failed to unpack with gzip.
Deploying systemd units: check-mk-agent-async.service check-mk-agent@.service check-mk-agent.socket.fallback
Deployed systemd