May 2021 Community Bulletin

:newspaper: Updates

Checkmk Conference #7: Premium Tickets are now sold out

Premium tickets for the Checkmk conference are now sold out, but the Standard package is now available. This package includes one workshop on top of access to the tech sessions and presentations. This package is perfect for those who only want to attend one workshop! However, please note that to ensure the quality of the workshops, slots are limited and allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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Updates on the Checkmk Free Edition + Introducing the Checkmk Enterprise Edition Free Trial

If you’re part of this forum, you are most likely a veteran Checkmk user already or someone evaluating Checkmk. :wink: If you belong to the latter group, we have some interesting news for you:

A free 30-day trial is now available for the Checkmk Enterprise Edition.

With this free trial, you have unlimited access to all Checkmk features for a limited time. After 30 days, it has the same restrictions as the Checkmk Free Edition. The Checkmk Free Edition now comes with higher limits: you can monitor up to 25 hosts with it. Distributed monitoring is not possible anymore though.

Try the Checkmk Enterprise Edition now and receive educational content that helps you configure Checkmk.

More details here>>

Checkmk Webinars and Online Training Courses

In case you are not aware, we hold regular webinars and online training courses about Checkmk. Webinars give you a basic overview about Checkmk features, while training courses are intensive whole-day training that can span to up to 5 days.

All these sessions are available in English and German, with some training courses held in US timezones (e.g. starts at 9 am US Eastern / 3 pm Central European Time).

Learn more about webinars>>
Learn more about training courses>>

:mega: Shout-outs

Thanks to the following community members for their contributions this month! :partying_face:

:trophy: New User of the Month- May 2021

This badge is granted to congratulate two new users each month for their excellent overall contributions, as measured by how often their posts were liked, and by whom. tribe29 employee accounts are excluded.

:trophy: New Community Helpers

Community members whose reply got marked as a solution for the first time. Welcome aboard!

:trophy: New Community Problem Solver

Community members who have at least 5 replies marked as the solution. Thanks for continuing to help the community!

:electric_plug: Published Packages on the Exchange

These are the people who have contributed packages to the Exchange that got published last month

@r.sander -

@ricardoftribeiro - Microsoft Teams Notification Plugin

:beetle: GitHub Bugfixes

Contributors whose PR got merged/included in the commit on the Checkmk GitHub repo last month. Also included are PRs that were not directly merged, but an action was taken by someone from tribe29 to apply the PR (e.g. creating internal tickets)

@andreas-doehler: Fixed special agent Netapp command line creation.

@r.sander [mk_zypper] increases timeout to 50s


sch-m: check_mk_agent.freebsd: add/implement inpath()

jplitza: diskspace: Fix RuntimeError in cleanup_aged