May Community Bulletin

Dear Checkmk Community,

To showcase the outstanding contributions of our Checkmk community members, we are starting a monthly community bulletin to recognize your contributions from the past month. We will continuously improve how we identify contributions, feel free to let us know what you think about this initiative.

Here’s the list of remarkable contributions last month. Let us thank them for their efforts! :clap:

:handshake: Top Forum Responders

These are the people with the most number of replies in the forum this month. They are our heroes who help our community members with their monitoring setups :heart:

:question:New Community Problem Solvers

People who have provided 5 replies that has been marked as a solution

:handshake: New Community Helpers

People who got their first reply to be marked as a solution last month

:computer: Merged Pull Requests

Code contributors whose PR got merged on the Checkmk GitHub repo

@thl-cmk: replacing cisco_asa_xxxsessions with cisco_asa_vpnsessions

@Jiuka: [check azure_ad] Record perfdata in azure_ad user check

@hho: Fix VictorOps webhook

CdRom1: Fix system python deps & Fix debian/ubuntu dependencies

@rawiriblundell: Update Shell Scripting section in

@bkuhn: apache_status: New Feature free Naming of Instances

@MarkusG: AIX Inventory: Use more info about physical volumes and network from prtconf

sritd: Updated F5 Loadbalancer checks and replaced deprecaded OIDs.

@Rendanic: mk_postgres: Bugfix for instance detection

mdklapwijk: check if docker is installed

:electric_plug: Published Packages on the Exchange

These are the people who have contributed packages to the Exchange that got published last month









Thank you very much for your contributions everyone! On behalf of the Checkmk community, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for being active in sharing your time and skills with us. :blush: