Mega menu icons - Configure in global settings

Hi checkmk-Team,

please make the user setting “Mega menu icons” configurable via global settings, just like you did with “Show more / Show less”.

Thanks and best regards,

Hi Gino,
can you please explain, why you want this feature
Thanks, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

we have some in-house documentation on “How to use checkmk”. Screenshots in the documentation always show “Mega menu icons” per entry. Our users can not change this setting, because we are not allowing them to edit their profile.

Some users are confused if their “Mega menu icons” are per topic. Therefore, a global setting would be very nice.

Currently, we are forcing “Mega menu icons” per entry by editing “/opt/omd/versions/2.0.0p15.cee/lib/python3/cmk/gui/plugins/sidebar/”

Thanks, Gino