Meinberg NTP Server


We have two Meinberg Lantime M300 MRS timeservers with GPS antennas. We are monitoring them through the integrated SNMP server using Check MK (Enterprise Edition 2.1.0p2) . Unfortunately, we are unable to retrieve any information regarding the state of the GPS receiver. The only Meinberg specific information we are able to retrieve is ‘LANTIME State’ which reads ‘synchronized’ even if the antenna isn’t even plugged in and the server is only synced to the backup public NTP-servers. According to this page, we should be able to retrieve the actual state of the receiver:

How can you retrieve Information like ‘mbg_lantime_ng_refclock_gps’ from the servers using Check MK.


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There could be two reasons for this behaviour.

  1. The SNMP agent on the device does not hand out the required OIDs for the check.
  2. The SNMP agent on the device identifies itself different and the check never goes active.

For 1. try to fetch the OID . with snmpwalk.
For 2. fetch the OID ., it should contain .

This info can be found in the check plugin code: checkmk/mbg_lantime_refclock at master · tribe29/checkmk · GitHub

Thanks for your help.

I make an snmpwalk and get the following

iso. = INTEGER: 1
iso. = INTEGER: 1
iso. = OID: iso.

I think the error is in the fetch 2. The result ist .30 and not only .3

The scan function of the check plugin has to be adapted. Talk to your support contact about that.

i have working legacy checks for this so i could send you but i think for best would be to open contract as r.sander mentioned.

I try to modify the check and change it to 30

After this the Check comes up, but as UNKOWN and crashed

Then maybe more has changed than just the sysObjectID. The check may need to be rewritten.

I have a Meinberg M1000 where the check shows critical alarms for the fan units. But when looking in the Meinberg GUI they show ok.

What is the procedure to “report” that the check probably needs to be adapted for that as well?