Meraki SNMP Monitoring

I’m wondering if anyone has attempted to write any plugins for Meraki monitoring via their dashboard. You can query via SNMP ( and if I add it to CMK, it sorta works but only gives me two services: snmp_info and uptime. If I do an snmpwalk, I see that it is returning info specific to our account such as our sites, our SSIDs, etc… not sure what else is in there, but I suspect some status codes and maybe performance metrics.

So any Meraki customers out there that are querying in CMK?

For one of my Meraki infrastructures i use the normal SNMP checks. Configured SNMP inside dashboard for all devices and every device is queried like every other switch or router.
Works good - a little bit slow but ok :slight_smile:

For a second environment i wrote a special agent using the Meraki API.
It is working with a big “but” → hard query limit per second - this was done from my site before API v1.0 was released
I had no time to test the changed behavior after the 1.0 release.
The API is a nice approach if you want to monitor a world wide installation (this was my use case)

Is this special agent available somewhere for download?

I have added some switches directly. It would be nice though if I could get a high level overview of all of our APs without adding each one individually.

I was a little disappointed that adding switches directly didn’t result in some hardware services (ie., fans, cpu, memory, etc).

For the special agent i must look where it is hidden :slight_smile:
Yes at the moment without extra checks you have only the interfaces and no hardware data.

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We spoke about this at the conference and i put the old Meraki agent on my github

At the moment it is only the agent to test if it is working for the own environments. I said also at the conference this agent uses the old v0 API now it is actual v1 or. v2 i don’t know exactly.

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