Metrics file not being applied


after working successfully for some time with metrics and graphs I setup a new checkmk raw edition instance and configured some metrics again. But the corresponding graph is not generated.

This is my defined graph:

# -*- encoding: utf-8; py-indent-offset: 4 -*-

    "title" : _("Stability of Internet Connection"),
        "metrics" : [
            ( "quality", "area")

metric_info["quality"] = {
    "title": "successful connections",
    "unit": "%",
    "color": "#00ff00"

This is the local check sample output for which the graph is being created:

P internetconnection quality=100


  • Anything wrong at first sight?
  • How can I debug the problem? ($checkmk_instance_home/var/log/web.log shows nothing of relevance)


I renamed the peformance-data-value “quality” to “connection_quality” in order to avoid a possible collision with another value of the same name. No effect.


I of course cleared the browser after applying the file. No effect.
I also executed cmk -R to restart the instance. No effect.

After I stopped the site completely and started it again, now it works.


I finally read here in the forum, that the needed command for applying the metrics is “omd restart apache”.