Micro Survey #3: Acknowledging problems and scheduling downtimes

Take part in the 3rd Micro Survey on acknowledging problems and scheduling downtimes

After the topic of navigating to a parent page we covered in the last Micro Survey, we are now tackling another interesting area: “Acknowledge problems” and “Schedule downtimes”. We want to explore how we can improve both dialogs to make them easier to use. Help us optimize them by sharing your insights in our 3rd Micro Survey.

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----- Survey has been closed -----

The 3rd Micro Survey is now closed. We appreciate everyone who took the time to share their thoughts and insights on the use of Checkmk. Thank you for your valuable input and stay tuned for updates on our progress!

Greetings Community!

The results are in!
With this survey we learned more about your use of the ‘Schedule downtime’ and ‘Acknowledge problems’ commands:

  • As intended, you use ‘Schedule downtime’ for planned maintenance and ‘Acknowledge problems’ for unexpected issues. Depending on your internal process and specific use case, you may solve a problem in a completely different way.
  • ‘Acknowledge problems’: Whether you keep the comment or remove it after the acknowledgement expires depends on your internal processes and policies (e.g. documentation). The majority of you (63%) prefer to remove the comment.
  • ‘Schedule downtime’: You are - rightly - frustrated by the ‘today’, ‘this week’ etc. options because they all end at midnight. This results in unnecessary midnight alerts. In addition, your downtime window depends on the use case. This shows us that flexibility and transparency are important to you.

Thank you for your feedback. Based on your input, we will improve both dialogs to make them more user-friendly.

The next step is to usability test the new prototyped dialogs to make sure they are clear and easy to use. We are currently on the lookout for people who are interested in testing! The test should take about 30 minutes and there’s no installation required.

:arrow_right: So if you want to test the prototypes, send me a direct message and I will get in touch with you!


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