Migrate from Standalone Nagios 3.5 and Nagios 4 to Checkmk CRE?

Can anybody tell what are the pre-requisites and the steps to be done in order to migrate Nagios 3.5 and Nagios 4 to Checkmk CRE ?
Is it possible ?
On the Checkmk documentation , I found this Migration to the CMC - Switching from Nagios to the Checkmk micro core which is only valid when you have OMD or I understood it wrong.

Can anyone explain me how should I start ?

Not directly, the reason is that classic Nagios 3 or 4 uses a complete different approach for the service checks. Mostly active checks in Nagios compared to most checks passive in CMK.
What you can do is export a list with host names and IPs from your Nagios system and then make a mass import with this csv file in to CMK.
Now you can assign the proper configuration for every host (SNMP community if needed, agent type and so on).

In the end there are many manual steps and the only “migration” is the host list and IPs are the same :slight_smile:

Thanks @andreas-doehler

Is there a direct way to export from Nagios in csv format ? Is this possible to export from the GUI ? Also, does the export and import contain everything like:

  • Contract groups
  • Host/service groups
  • Notification timeperiods
  • Services assigned to multiple hosts,contacts etc.

Do the relations between services,hosts remain intact as it is ?

To do such an export i installed the livestatus broker module in my classic Nagios systems and made a livestatus query to get all hosts from the system. This is now some years since the last time a needed to do this. I don’t know if there is a broker module available for the actual Nagios 4. For Nagios 3 it should be no problem as these broker module is also used inside the CRE.
With this you could also export the group assignments. But i don’t know a way to automate this then for an import.
To get a good overview what you can do with livestatus you should consult the manual here.

Small guide how to install livestatus inside an Nagios4 on Debian

In the end livestatus is the key to migrate config data from an classic Nagios to the outside.

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Thank you. Let me go through this and also try this as well.

Hi @andreas-doehler
I extracted the hosts and then imported it using WATO > Import hosts via csv on CRE 1.6. Using WATO, I can only import Hostname,IP Address,Alias.

Now the following questions:

  • Is there a way to import more objects like Host groups,service groups,contact groups etc. ?

  • How about performance data ? Can this be migrated or there is no straightforward way ?

  • What about Active checks ? Now, I should forget about the below checks as the Checkmk agent will have obviously more of them. Correct ?

  • What about Custom Active checks and custom checksthat run on the remote host (I don’t know what to call it) ? How can they be migrated as they have Nagios specific output ?

  • Notifications: This is quite different in Checkmk using WATO >> Notifications. Shall I set from scratch ?

Not via CSV import, but via WATO API. But you would still need to create rules that assign these groups to hosts and services.

It should be possible as the 1.6 raw edition also uses pnp4nagios for the graphs. Just copy the .xml and .rrd files to $OMD_ROOT/var/pnp4nagios/perfdata/….

Yes, most of the active checks will be superseded by agent based checks.

Custom active check plugins can be stored in $OMD_ROOT/local/lib/nagios/plugins and used with the ruleset “Classical active and passive monitoring checks”.

The notification plugin scripts are quite compatible, the configuration is very different. Start from scratch.

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