Migration from Cacti to check_mk

Is there a tool that can support us in migration from cacti to check_mk.
We have a loot of devices which we monitor with cacti.

Not that i know. But you have only some important information’s needed to migrate your objects.
If you get a list from Cacti with hostname + ip then you have 90% of your work done.
What can also be challenging is the SNMP credentials if your have many different over your infrastruture.
With the hostname + ip list you can make a CSV import to CMK and you can set your SNMP community as global setting for the hosts and then try to discover the services.

Don’t try to migrate some settings like - in Cacti i had here this one interface with name X - now i need in CMK the same interface with exactly the same name - this will not work for 99% of your services.

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Thanks a csv import looks promising.
Is there a defintion file for the CSV, or some documetation ?

chapter 6

or if you wanna use Salt

or via API from your CMDB

and so on …

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There is no need for a definition. You basically only need a column with the hostname and optionally additional columns with attributes like the ip address if necessary.

In the import process you can then define which column of the CSV contains which attribute. Just try it. :wink: