Hello, we have an old version of checkmk 1.2.6 with a lot of custom stuff + distributed architecture. We are willing to setup brand new distributed cluster and migrate all configurations, is there easy way of moving all or part of the configuration?


You have to upgrade version by version and you cannot skip a version. You need to go through all WERKS and fix all incompatibilities before you upgrade to the next version.
As soon as you are on the target version you can do a backup and restore the backup on your cluster.

To answer your question: No, its painful. Think about doing a complete new configuration. Sometimes its also better this way.



The custom stuff may be tricky, depending on what it is.

Checkmk 2.0 is built with Python 3, the prior versions with Python 2. So some of your custom stuff may need to be updated to continue to work.

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okay, is there some short pathes I can take if I choose to create a whole new setup and copy configuration over? like recreating 100 hosts manually is a headache, maybe there some files, part of files I can copy over?

Do you know any short pathes to move configuration over to new setup? like copy some config files or part of them

in short: export list of hosts as csv, import hosts csv, do a bulk service discovery.

I cant see way to export all hosts, how can I do it? will it take all configurations? like ip and other stuff?
I see all hosts section has export to csv but it just takes hostname list.

You can clone the built-in “allhosts” view and add any columns you might need (Host Alias, IP addresses, …)

when I do export csv on allhosts page, I get a csv with lines like following:
"UP;"HOSTNAME";"menu pnp";"12";"0";"0";"0";"0""

Note: Can I add new version of check_mk as new site to existing cluster and move hosts there?

Hi @a.ahmadzadeh

  1. go to the list of views,

  2. find the “allhosts” view.

  3. Clone that view

  4. Take the cloned view and edit it (use the pen icon)

  5. add columns with the information you like to have. Save.

  6. Go to the view

  7. export as CSV

is not there any requirements for fields I have to add? I mean during import process is not there any template requirements? I need to use bulk import from hosts right?
What do you think about having new node as new site and moving hosts to it?

I’ve never done this, but I would assume you MUST have all fields that are ‘Required’ if you set up a host manually (so actually only the Hostname).

Okay, Thank you what about other approach, do you have any idea about it? like new version site joined to older cluster and hosts moved over it?

There I have no idea, sorry.

under this directory “/opt/omd/sites/site/etc/check_mk/conf.d/wato” there are folders, hosts and a bunch of other configurations, what if I just copy it over to new site? it has folders, ips, hosts, rules and many more.
Note: anyone knows where check_mk stores user passwords?
Uptade: I see passwords stored in htpasswd file

@elias.voelker you mentioned that “Checkmk 2.0 is built with Python 3, the prior versions with Python 2. So some of your custom stuff may need to be updated to continue to work”, this means check_mk 2.0 can`t work with custom plugins built with python 2?

“Can’t work” is a strong statement. Some stuff may still work, but it’s impossible to guarantee it.
Best take a look at this article as a starting point: Migrating check plug-ins to Checkmk 2.0 | Checkmk