Misbehaviour of "Create nodes based on host search" of BI


I’m experiencing some problems when I use “Create nodes based on host search” in BI – following the offical guide.

It seems the parameter subtitution is not working in some parts.

For example, assuming PARAM1 is A03 and I’m trying to search the hostnames beginning with A03, I used the string $PARAM1$(.*) in the Regex host search and $PARAM1$$1$ in the Nodes to create below but it does not create any node.

Instead if I use ($PARAM1$)(.*) in the Regex host search and $1$$2$ in the Nodes to create it does create nodes.


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P.D: version 1.6.0.p6 CEE


I think there is a small misunderstanding. Inside the help for Regex host search is written you need to provide a regex which results in exactly one match group.
This is also written inside the official guide.
The following setup is working in my systems without any problem.

Regex host search ($PARAM$.*)
Arguments $1$

The called rule is expecting the complete host name.
PARAM is as you wrote a prefix for all your wanted host names.

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