Missing agent sections: df


I’m trying to get file system available space using check_mk agent instead of SNMP and I’m getting the error message:
“Missing agent sections: df”

What I did:

  1. Create Manual Check “Filesystems (used space and growth)” (assigned the hosts / folder properly in the rule)
  2. Bake agent
  3. Download and deploy the new .deb file
  4. Access the Services section for the hosts to be monitored but the service is always displayed and UNKN

Am I missing any step?

The environment:

  • check_mk v1.6.0p7
  • Ubuntu 18 image (I need to get the data from a container)


Can you posted a test run, with important data masked ? or just the output of a telnet [host] 6556.
If the df section doesn’t appear that is your problem, if it is present try to run the commands the agent do on the host and see if you need to adjust anything.

Why use Manual Checks instead of normal agent/check inventory functions ?