Missing "Monitor"-Button for monitoring checked Services

Hello community!
I’m missing the “Monitor”/“Disable” buttons when I want to add or disable multiple Services of a host by using the associated checkboxes. Is there an option I have overseen to enable these buttons (see picture taken from the official documentation)?

I’m running 2.0.0p9 (CRE) in docker (up-to-date).

Hi @jkc,
the new UX/UI of Checkmk 2.0 cleaned that up.
You now have to use the Actions Menu and there you can find all the options.

Hope this helps.
Greetings Norm :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Norm,

thanks for the fast answer but these options are not what I’m seeking for. I need a button to monitor or disable services that I selected by checkbox before. Monitor undecided or monitor disabled would mean that all services in that category would be changed.

Example: I just want to monitor the selected three services (screenshot).


Greetings jkc

Normally not. If you have check boxes enabled then only the selected services are changed with the commands from the menu. In my system it does it this way :slight_smile:


Thank you, you are totally right. Didn’t try that…

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