Mk_mysql plugin doesn't support SSL and non-cleartext logins

We are moving off Oracle RAC and onto MySQL Enterprise. Trying to set up monitoring, and the provided mk_mysql plugins has a couple of issues:

  1. Does not support a way to configure or pass in keys for SSL connection to MySQL (we require SSL for the connections)
  2. Does not support non-cleartext logins. We don’t even have the “mysql_clear_password” plugin loaded. It needs to support caching_sha2_password. We also have PAM plugin, as we are using that to allow for Active Directory logins (using PAM allows the underlying SSSD to do the work so MySQL doesn’t have to).

Not sure how to proceed. Should I just go hacking the plugin to work, or is there a way to get these thing added officially?

Any help would be appreciated!

you can submit a feature request to trieb29, ask a tribe29 business partner to implement it for you or implement it yourself and place it as a pull request in git.