Mk_oracle_asm "invalid line" with Oracle 19c

Hi all,

Since 19c, the oracle asmcmd tool adds a column (Logical_Sector) to the output of lsdg.
Thus, using the version of mk_oracle_asm coming with with 1.6.p14 shows an error:

“UNKN - Invalid line in agent section <<>>: u’ASMCMD> exit’”

A temporary workaround would be to modify the plugin:

vi /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/plugins/7200/mk_oracle_asm

## Comment the following line
#asmcmd lsdg | grep -v State | grep -v "The Oracle"

## Insert patched line for Oracle 19 GI
asmcmd lsdg | grep -v State | grep -v "The Oracle" | awk '!($5="")'

as far as I know the plugin mk_oracle_asm is deprecated.

ASM Disk Groups are also monitored with mk_oracle, but I’m not sure since which version it was introduced. It is definitely working in version 1.6.0p17.

I’ve found only one Werk which mentioned that it mk_orac_asm will be removed in version 2.0:

Hi T.Schmitz,

Yes, valid for V2. Thank you for the information.

The older branch 1.6.x still seems to use this check (at least valid for 1.6.p14).
So if someone does not want to move to V2, this information might be helpful.


the mk_oracle_asm-Plugin is broken like hell. It has been replaced by a sql based query in mk_oracle with all the advantages of the plugin.


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