Mk_sap as special agent

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So we are trying to run mk_sap as a special agent, since we cannot use checkmk agents at a customer. The goal would be to setup all the sap.cfg on the cmk server, then run the jobs as special agents.
Each host would have the required IP/hostnames, I just cannot seem to workout how I take the created sap.state files into a host and display them ( including perfdata ).
Looking at the data collected, I could also use it for "standard host data’ like storage, cpu, memory, meaning if we cannot do agents, but can get the right perms in SAP, we can use SAP to gather it all.

So anyone have experience ? docs ? ideas ? horror stories ?
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Hi we are using the SAP RFC for getting Information like Batchman is working etc.
But I think in the Future (if SAP is follow his way) I`ll use Robot MK for getting the Informations.

Here I found a very good tool for the SAP GUI to ident the Items:

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Thanks for the info Bernd, the tracker really looks interesting and will give it a shot.
I need to dive deeper into RobotMK, since i thought it was more around testing, not automation.

Robot Framework is an automation framework in general.
It can be used for test automation and process automation.

In the term of E2E monitoring it is simply the “periodic execution of automated tests” with an integration into Checkmk.

Hope that makes things more clear :slight_smile:


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