Monitor Microsoft Exchange Online in Azure

So no matter which I google this I get hits for the “check_mk exchange” which is not what I’m looking for.

We recently migrated email from on-prem Exchange to Exchange Online (aka Office Online, O365, Exchange 365, whatever you want to call it). With on-prem, we had some ability to monitor Exchange health, DAGs, queues, etc. Now with the cloud, we lose most of that visibility.

I’m already using the “mail loop” checks but they seem a little glitchy… but the downside, even if they are working, is that they only monitor specific sender/recipients. Is there a check I’m not seeing that will monitor Exchange Online queues to make sure they are not growing or something?


Please have a look at the handbook where all checks are listed:
There is a check for the queues but you have to configure it on your exchange system please have a look here
I hope that helps.

Right but I can’t configure windows counters for Exchange Online as it’s SaaS and not running on servers that I have access to.

Ah sorry, my mistake.
I have never worked with that, maybe there are some APIs or powershell commands you could use to write your own check.

At the moment there are no real checks existing.
I have two customers with O365 aka Exchange Online where i must look a little bit more in to the depths of Azure API Calls. But it is a time problem at the moment.
The biggest difference between the “classic” Azure and the customers with O365 is that it was not possible for myself to create “subsriptions” to call the Azure performance API’s.
Without the “subscriptions” i can’t query the API’s.