Monitor Synology Active Backup for Business

Hello IT-monitoring friends!

I’m using Synology Active Backup both in my home lab and at work for backing up around 100TB of server backups with 1-2 years of retention. The monitoring part is the only lacking side that I can find when it comes to this backup solution as monitoring emails is not exactly optimal.

There’s scripts available for both Zabbix and PRTG that can monitor this, and I suppose anyone with some python skills easily could convert the Zabbix monitor template over too a checkmk plugin. I’m pretty decent at most things, however python is one of those things I hope to put some time into learning when the kids have grown up and left the house and that will probably not happen for the next 15-20 years or so.

So my question is if there’s anyone out there who would find it a fun challenge to make a monitor plugin?

I’ve been looking mostly at this script as it creates two csv files with all the information for listing active backups and their state.

And here’s an example ActiveBackupExport.csv


Status value of 1 means in progress, 2 means successfull, 3 means cancelled, 4 means failed, 5 means warning and 8 means partial backup success.

And also an example ActiveBackupHostExport.csv


Hi @Piteball and welcome to the community!
No dev here either, but have you looked for a Nagios compliant plugin? Those you can easily integrate into Checkmk. Maybe writing a local check would also be an option.
I would not hold my breath on someone developing this for you without paying them. :wink: But this community is quite vivid, so you never know. Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

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try his: GitHub - righter83/checkmk-synology-activebackup: CheckMK to get Status of Synology Active Backups

Hi, i’m not able to get it work. I obtain: ssh permission denied while i can run it by cli without issues using:
./check_by_ssh -H XXXXX -l “root” -C /volume2/check_ab.php


Then you would have a permission or SSH issue.
Are you able to ssh to the NAS without password?
check if the script is executable

I ve problems to configure the ssh login.
Has anyone a shot working tutorial etc…
I found some hints online but password is requested every time. Key an rights for files and directories should be ok.

One question - why not using the API of the Synology to get the wanted information?
No hassle with SSH login and shell scripts.

I havent found any API to get that information

You have to deploy the key from your OMD instance

check with omd status your name and then get into that user with su
There you can check the SSH Connection as CheckMK is doing it

thank but in the moment I ve a more general problem to configure the login from a testsystem to the synology.
Do you ve a hint were the sshd writes its logfiles on the synology?

just look into the default logs under /var/log

No detailed login for sshd.
Ich will check this next year :wink:

it is working now. Problem was caused by wrong user mapping.
Username = site must be mapped to user root on the synology

könnten Sie nochmal genauer erläutern was auf der Synology eingestellt werden muß damit der Zugriff auf das Script aus CMK Instanz klappt?

Vielen Dank.