Monitoring ActiveMQ Queue *size*

So I have the ActiveMQ agent configured and running… I can see my queues and the enqueue, dequeue, and size graphs for each.

I think it’s strange that there’s no graph for consumers, but that is one of the thresholds you can set.
I also think it’s strange that there IS a graph for queue size, but you can’t set a threshold for that.

The problem I have an application that polls ActiveMQ so it doesn’t show up as a consumer. When it stops consuming (polling), the size of the queue starts increasing but I have no way of setting an alert for that! Is this different in 2.x by any chance? Or has anyone modified it to allow setting a threshold on queue size?

I have been watching and did see it report 1 consumer when the application is polling it… so I suppose I could configure my alert to check every minute and notify only when there’s less than 1 consumer for 15 straight minutes (supposed to poll every 5 minutes)… but this seems like it will be problematic… especially when the “size” is right there and easy to define a threshold.