Monitoring Cisco Device With SNMP


I was install checkmk_1.6P17 and i’m trying to go and monitor cisco Switch,router,asa,etc… but i see that check_mk doesn’t extract cpu,ram,Hardware status and many others. currently these are controlled through nagios using the “check_nwc_health” plug-in.

currently the devices have been created in checkmk in standard mode so snmp has been activated. can you give me some advice on how to proceed?

is it possible to use the old “check_nwc_health” plug-in? or is there a better way?

Anyone already faced with this problem?.


Hi Dario,

I don’t know this plugin. But it should be possible: You have to copy the plugin to your site directory: local/lib/nagios/plugins. After that you configure the plugin via WATO -> Host & Service Parameters -> Active Checks -> Classical active and passive monitoring checks.



Here are the checks from one of our 3850s just using the included SNMP plugins with checkmk. What are you seeing?


if configured properly, Checkmk should find nearly everything on your Cisco device.
We monitor ~12000 Switches, APs and their Controllers with it.
i think what you are missing are the SNMP settings of your host
Check_nwc_health is a classical Nagios plugin. It works but it is not needed here.


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We also have >100 Cisco Routers with no missing infos.
May you have some rules that disable this services.
Try to monitor just one device on a fresh test site.

Regards Marc
CEE 1.6p17

Hi @kdeutsch, @pn-rallen, @wittmannthom, @MarcK,

I’ve recently installed CheckMK CEE 1.6p17 with two node and one master “Wato_Distribution” .

A node is dedicated to network equipment monitoring.

A rule has been created in the main directory via the Disabled services rule as follows.

But I don’t think this has anything to do with my problem.

The configuration is correct the snmp test was successful. surely there will be some settings in checkmk but I don’t know which one. what configuration have you set to checkmk?


Why? This rule removes every service from every host???

Use classic checks only for services not included in the products own checks.


I agree with Andreas, you disabled ALL services…
Try a fresh Test-Site with only one Cisco device and without any added rule, just out-of-the-box.