Monitoring Control Room

Hello to all,
I need to monitor some components in my control room, such as video mixer and audio mixer. the devices are all connected with IP. how can i integrate them in Check_Mk? it is enough for me to simply have an alert when the ip is not reachable.

thank you all

Hi @blasco612 and welcome to the community! I moved your post to a more fitting category.

Well you can have a look at our plugins, if the device is supported by us. Monitoring them via Ping should be a good starting point nevertheless.

hi robin, and thanks for the reply.
I checked but among the supported plugins it is not present even as it is a latest generation Sony video mixer.
can i try to integrate it via snmp?

You can look at whether someone else already built a plugin for that.

Alternatively you can create your own checks facilitating SNMP, sure.

ok robin, thank you very much. I will try to see in the list. alternatively I will try to configure one of my own …
Good day

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maybe as addons

  1. USV for protection
  2. IP based Powerswitches

both not cheap but …