Monitoring Dell powerstore

Checkmk 2.1.0p13

I installed the dell storage plugin: Checkmk Exchange
Api works via browser and postman but not via the plugin.
On the plugin I configured the url: https://IP/api/rest/, user name and password but I get the error: Exception: “403 Client Error: Forbidden for url” (https://IP/api/rest/ApiConnection/Login).
I can access the REST api with the user correctly, did I miss something?

Can anyone assist?



I installed too this plugin (version 0.6) on Checkmk 2.1.0p14, and I have the exact problem of kishke.
API works pointing a browser to


but pointing the same browser to


it gets the error:
“You do not have the required authorization to perform this operation.”

Has anyone get the plugin working?
Thanks in advance