Monitoring Dell powerstore

Checkmk 2.1.0p13

I installed the dell storage plugin: Checkmk Exchange
Api works via browser and postman but not via the plugin.
On the plugin I configured the url: https://IP/api/rest/, user name and password but I get the error: Exception: “403 Client Error: Forbidden for url” (https://IP/api/rest/ApiConnection/Login).
I can access the REST api with the user correctly, did I miss something?

Can anyone assist?



I installed too this plugin (version 0.6) on Checkmk 2.1.0p14, and I have the exact problem of kishke.
API works pointing a browser to


but pointing the same browser to


it gets the error:
“You do not have the required authorization to perform this operation.”

Has anyone get the plugin working?
Thanks in advance

Any resolution? I’d like to implement this on my three Dell PowerStores.

That plugin is not for powerstores.
The conclusion I came to is the need to write a plugin or even just a local check in order to monitor the powerstore, as I don’t have any time for it we are simply relying on the powerstore emails.

If eventually you manage to monitor it using checkmk I would be greatful if you let me know.

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