Monitoring moving VMs on ESXi cluster

**CMK version:**2.1.0p21.cee
**OS version:**22.04.2 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)
**Error message:**This service does not implement a native cluster mode. Please change your configuration using the rule ‘Aggregation options for clustered services’, and select one of the other available aggregation modes.

Hello together,

I’m monitoring a cluster of two esxi nodes with the configured API integration. I also created the rule VMware ESX via vSphere with the following settings:

vSphere User name: 	checkmk
vSphere secret: 	Explicit, ******
Type of query: 	Queried host is a host system
TCP Port number: 	443
SSL certificate checking: 	
Connect Timeout: 	90 seconds
Retrieve information about...: 	Host Systems, Virtual Machines, Datastores, Performance Counters, License Usage
Placeholder VMs: 	ignore
Display ESX Host power state on: 	The ESX Host
Display VM power state additionally on: 	The Virtual Machine
VM snapshot summary: 	on
Piggyback name of virtual machines: 	Use the VMs hostname if set, otherwise fall back to ESX name
Spaces in hostnames: 	Replace with underscores

I’m monitoring the two hosts instead of the vSphere since I don’t want to rely on the vSphere server and prefer to get the data directly from the hosts.

Now I’m facing the following challenge: Since there are more VMs running on one host and they are more performance consuming, I have moved several VMs. This caused an error in checkmk discovery on both hosts because there were vanished services and new services. I tried to avoid this with the rule Clustered Services.

Host name is esx01 or esx02
Service name begins with VM*
Positive match (Add matching services to the set)

When I try it this way, the VMs appear at the create checkmk cluster host with the status unknown and the status detail “This service does not implement a native cluster mode. Please change your configuration using the ‘Aggregation options for clustered services’ rule, and select one of the other available aggregation modes.” Even with other aggregation options, the error pattern remains the same. Is there any way to implement my request?

Thank you in advance

Hi N3mo,

can’t explain why it wouldn’t work with one i.e. the fail-over option of “aggregation options for clustered services” but just my two cents:
we always disable these “VM ” Services as their informational value is very low. If I care enough about a VM I will put a windows/linux/etc agent on it and monitor the host directly and use that state instead of just the on/off state reported by the ESXi/vCenter.


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Hi Gerd,
thank you for your answer.

You are kind of right, but the VMs are not that important, so the only information I want to get is the status of the VM (running, stopped, powered off).

Do you maybe have an idea what I could check to get more information why this message is displayed?