Monitoring NetApp Aggregate Usage

The “df_netapp” manpage says it monitors volumes and aggregates:

It does monitor my aggregates, but I see no way to define thresholds for alerting:

If I search Host and Service Parameters for “netapp”, I don’t see anything related to aggregates:

What am I missing?

Hi @lance ,
you can use the normal “Filesystems (used space and growth)” Rule for this

bye Matthias

Well the odd thing is, I don’t even have a “check origin and parameters” section for this service (refer to my original screenshot). I’ve had this problem since version 1.2.8 and still have it in 1.6.0p12 (was hoping it would fix itself when I upgraded). I think my Netapp checks are the only place I notice this… there may be one or two others. What would cause that section to not show up?

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