Monitoring Oracle Alert Log

Did anyone monitor the Oracle alert log file with CheckMK? My initial idea to use the logwatch plugin did not work. It looks like logwatch expect some logfile specific content.

Did anyone already have a solution or idea here?

Tested with Enterprise 1.6.0.p20

I am also interested in this topic., since we will also be getting the requirement in the medium term.


The ‘solution’ is to add Pattern to the logwatch plugin. Initially I thought without a pattern any new line will reported / monitored which isn’t the case. Setup patterns to ignore and for everything else I get a warning now, my last rule looks like “W (.*)”

Your millage may vary. Found some helpful information at:

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Some weeks ago I was also busy with logfile monitoring and logwatch - I got a feedback from tribe29 that there will be an updated documentation about logfile monitoring - as the former one was taken offline with the new websites going live. So maybe with some more patience you will get answers to your questions in the updated docu version…

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