Monitoring RHEV / RHV hypervisor?

Hi community,

anyone here having experience in monitoring RedHat, special focus on RHEV / RHV hypervisor instead of RHEL? I was asked if any RHEV plugin would be available for monitoring RHEV’s virtualization part. Couldn’t find anything useful up2now. However, I’m wondering what might not be monitored for RHEV when using e.g. standard linux agent. What are your recommendations resp. experiences for RHEV in this context?

Thanks for feedback - and hopefully this question is not too stupid. :wink:

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I have some RedHat virtualization hosts with OpenShift on top.
All OpenShift components are running inside virtual machines on this RHEV platform.
This are normal RedHat enterprise hosts nothing special.
What exactly do you want to do?

I implemented this check: for one of our customers who wanted their RHV monitored.

@andreas-doehler / @simon-mueller: Thanks. Actually I was asked about any how to resp. availability of plugins for monitoring RHEV. I guess we are on the way to determine if standard agents etc. are sufficient or if add-ons like further plugins are needed on top (kind of POC so to say for monitoring RHEV in the future). First, we will have a closer look on check_rhv.

In my case, we had the responsibility over the RHV, but not over the insides of the VMs running on it, so an agent approach was not viable.