Monitoring Synology NAS – Agent or SNMP?

Hello everyone,

I really enjoy the simplicity of setting up SNMP monitoring (both within Checkmk and the Synology software, DSM). There an unofficial agent package provided here:

Are there any (bigger) advantages using the agent or would you recommend just going with SNMP (the benefits of SNMP being ease of setup, official support, and not needing to update the agent every few weeks).

Looking forward to your thoughts on this! :slight_smile:

I have seen this article too but I have still snmp monitoring on, because as far as I could see, with the agent you will loose some checks like Update Check. Maybe there is a way to create CheckMK checks for that, but right know I haven’t seen this.
But perhaps has anyone else a hint to this.

This is not needed. If the agent has no problems you don’t need to update over the next 1-2 years.

Advantage of an agent is the possibility to extend the functionality. It gives more information about the real Synology system. Like running processes with CPU and memory consumption.
The SNMP service on the synology devices are not the best, i have some of these systems in monitoring environments and it happens from time to time that the SNMP service hangs.
But in the end i would combine the agent and SNMP in bigger Synology devices. In smaller ones SNMP is enough.

Disk status, Raid status, Fan and PSU i would do with SNMP and the complete operating system with agent.


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