Monitoring the Oracle Listener in Check_MK

Hello Team,

Could you please let us know how to monitor the Oracle listener status in Check_MK


Have you seen Monitoring Oracle databases ?

I have go through the Oracle monitoring , but oracle plugin working fine, but whenever i have made entries in tnsnames,ora getting error not connected and even oracle plugin fails to connect the database

Not possible with the plugin itself.
Workaround can be:
Process Monitoring and use a regular expression if you have more then one Database running
Service Name example:
Process Oracle LISTENER_$SID

Thank you for update, But If possible to monitor in Database level like Nagios plugin #check_oracle_health --mode tnsping

Can you please describe what is you endgame? As depending what you’re looking for and as far as I understand it (I’m not an Orcale expert - @Rendanic can maybe help), everything, if not even more, is covered by the Instance Check in combination with the process monitoring.

Thank you for valuable feedback. I have already enabled the process monitoring for Oracle listener.
But as per Oracle team update, this is not enough , they want enable database level listener monitoring because if LISTENER process is stop in OS level , still LISTENER up and running in database level.
So if possible to fetch the listener data from oracle database level ?

The mk_oracle-Plugin opens Connections only with a running listener. If the oracle_instance is OK the listener is ok as well, because the check was done with a connection over the listener.

Checking the listener with check-oracle-health --tnsping sends pings to the listener port. Just use a tcp check instead of check-oracle-heath - much easier to configure but not really needed, because the error in the Instance Check is easy to understand, when no listener is running.

That’s the reason why there is no dedicated check for a listener in mk_oracle - this is normaly not needed.