Monitoring vSphere 6.7 Appliance

Hi, I’m migrating to vSphere 6.7 appliances and putting this machine into the monitoring (1.6.0p16). The machines are monitored allright with SNMP, but i’m not able to get my VM’s in the monitoring?

I have enabled a [Check state of VMWare ESX via vSphere] with a local @vsphere.local account but there are no virtual machines monitored on my appliance?

What am i doing wrong, i thought i have all steps but the monitoring isn’t picking up the virtual machines with the rule. My old environment is still being monitored including all vm’s, snapshots etc. The difference is that the rule has been setup with an agent.

Can someone help me out and point me in the right direction?


You objects inside the monitoring need the same name as inside your vCenter.
It is possible to make some general renaming with the rule “Hostname translation for piggybacked hosts”.
More information about this monitoring situation you can find here

Thanks. But i don’t get you? The virtual machines are monitored with an agent and are separate. But normally you can see with the monitoring in the vcenter host which vm is poweredon and is running on which esx hosts like this example: And the info from the vcenter is also used for piggyback (which isn’t working now). Names of vms in vcenter and checkmk are the same. I’m missing a few piggyback info like esx hostsystem/memory/snapshots…

Ah that is what you mean.

First check - the option to get VM data is selected for the special agent?
If yes go to the command line “cmk -D vcentername”
Use the datasource program call you find there end execute it manually.
You can also post the agent command line that we can have a look for some problems with the settings.
Now you need to inspect if there are any error messages.
You can also add a trace file option to the agent call and write the complete communication to a file.
There inside you can find every possible error.

Hi, I have checked the “virtual machines” to retrieve information.

When executing the cmk -D command, i do not see what you mean by datasource program?

You don’t query your vCenter with the special agent. In your case it is only a SNMP device with piggyback data from somewhere else.
On the top you see “agent:no-agent”. You have to fix the configuration to “CMK agent”, if your credentials are right then you should get some data.

I checked my old vcenter:

Program: /omd/sites/xxxx/share/check_mk/agents/special/agent_vsphere -u ‘username’ -s ‘password’ -i virtualmachine,counters --agent -P --spaces underscore --vm_piggyname alias --no-cert-check ‘ip’

I do not have this one. Could there be a problem with the rule?

Yes - you need to configure the object the same way as your old vCenter.

Did a check, the rule has been configured the same, only difference are the user (set it to vsphere admin for now, should not be a problem) and the type of query (‘Queried host is the vCenter’ instead of ‘Queried host is the vCenter with Check_MK Agent installed’).

Do i need an agent installed on the vmware appliance?

The host by itself is not configured the same.

Correct it is a new host (appliance instead of windows with an agent).

Stupid, the check_mk agent like you set it needed to changed under the host. It was on “no agent”. Changed it to “no checkmk agent, all configured special agents” and the vm’s turned up…

Thanks for your troubleshooting!!! Much appreciated.

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