NetApp monitoring via CheckMK

Hello CheckMK gurus,

Who already implemented monitoring of NetApp appliances? Could you please suggest some best practices? I know that CheckMK has a special agent for that, will it be enough or you used some different approaches for monitoring your NetApp storage? Version of NetApp is 9.7.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

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If you use cDot mode on your Netapp you should get most information’s you need.
The current special agent lags some info like home port/home node information for interfaces but that’s not the big problem. Also the snapshot information are not complete.

I have around 50 Netapp systems in our different monitoring systems and have no problems with the special agent. Only beware if you have systems with many many quotas, then you should manually comment the quota sections is it take a great amount of time to retrieve this information (tested on a system with over 4k quotas :slight_smile: )#


Hello Andreas,

Thank you for such operative reply :slight_smile: And special agent working via WebAPI (443) if I am not mistaken?

Yes it’s using the normal Netapp API.
The user needs some rights granted to get all information.

to expand performance analysis i can recommend to setup NetApp-Harvest as an additional tool.
As appliance via or as application via the netapp tool chain

Awesome. Could you please provide some documentation how to setup that?

In the header of the special agent you see all the needed rights for the user.

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Thank you Mace,
I also considering nabox as an option. For now we’re trying to avoid duplication of monitoring systems, so If CheckMK can handle it, that would be great.

Amazing :slight_smile: Thank you very much. I will take a look.

What other information do you get with this setup? For myself it looks like the same what i get with the normal special agent.

it gives way more insights into performance analysis:

i hoped that the comNET guys would implement something like this in their big automotive deal… seems that i was mistaken.

In my systems i get most of this data already. “Only” the pre-configured dashboards are missing :smiley:
The extension of the Netapp special agent is very easy.
I have done this for more in-depth monitoring for the snapshots as example.

Most times i create only these new checks and perf-data what my colleagues want to know.

nabox is being developed by netapp team. Here is a video presentation of it

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