Network Jitter monitoring


I wanted to monitor jitter, but there is no service found in service monitoring named Jitter or there is no service monitoring rules also. I have also check on checkmk exchange. There is no package exists named Jitter. Is there any option in checkmk to monitor Network Jitter?


if you’re talking about ping/icmp jitter, than yes, checkmk does include it, but indirectly.
Jitter as far as I understand gives the spread of ping return times around the average. So i.e. if you sent 3 pings and the slowest is at 75ms, the fastest at 25ms and the third at 50ms, your jitter will be (75-25) => 50ms
Checkmk instead reports the min and maximum in the ping, so you have a more detailed info, but can calculate the jitter if you need it in one number:
see the perfdata of a ping check attached:

In case you run cisco devices you may do this on your switches/routers and just do the alerting in checkmk. I recommend that to our CC LAN but until now no interest, so I have no rea experience with it but curious how it works.

To have a clear view of jitter on your network for voip or multimedia for me it would not be sufficient too just do some ping from the monitoring server to some other hosts.

May also help could ntop:

It has an integration in checkmk but costs extra money.



Thanks for your reply. I have found service monitoring tool name cisco ip sla in checkmk. Going to try that service.

Thanks for your reply. I have other monitoring tools to ping other host. But I am looking for jitter from a source to another destination.