Network scan crashed on /16 subnet

I’ve had success with /8 subnet. Can you ping the IP addresses from the CMK server?

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  • On same CRE, I had a success to scan a smaller subnet and had 40 IPs discovered in subnet.

  • Looks like it is using plain ping, not fping, to scan the subnet.

  • Is there a way to trigger a network scan manually,after I expand/shrink subnet range ?

  • Another /16 failed scan due to 110sec timed out.


not directly. But you can change the scan interval to 1 hour.


My trick was to delete the folder and re-create it :wink:

That’s also a possibility :slight_smile:

just for information.

with version 1.6.0b1 fping dependencies were dropped.

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Thanks @marass.

I think the question now will be, how can one raise the 110sec network scan timeout setting ?

@kdeutsch, when you got a chance please try to do /16 network scan using CRE version 1.6+.
As @marass pointed out. fping was dropped since 1.6.0

I successfully scanned a /16 network using 1.6.0p15.cee and 1.6.0p13.cre.

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