New Community Guidelines Discussion

Hello Community! :vulcan_salute:

As you probably know, for as long as we had this forum we have been using the general forum rules for our community.

As great as these rules are, they are not Checkmk specific. We wanted to create a Code of Conduct that would fit Checkmk perfectly and represent our values not only in the forum but also in our GitHub and other resources.

With the Checkmk team we have drafted a new version of CoC (Code of Conduct): Checkmk specific and tackling specific practices we have in our community – let’s discuss and make them truly represent as many views of the members of the community as possible.
Here we go:
(updated on 18.10.2022 based on the suggestions below)

Checkmk Code of Conduct

What we do

Checkmk has a powerful and resilient community of people who want to make the best of monitoring practices. Ultimately, we have one shared goal: we want Checkmk to become even better, to grow and provide more opportunities in the best way possible. And it is not possible without you – the people of this community. You are Checkmk.

That is why it is so important to have a comfortable and positive atmosphere in our forum and other places where community gathers.

We want Checkmk to be a diverse, inclusive community, that listens to its users, appreciates ideas and provides help and where all of our “communicative services” are always OK and never critical. Let us keep this goal in mind as we cooperate.

We speak the language of cooperation – be it in English, German or any other language in which we can communicate. Checkmk was created in Germany and has many people who prefer to communicate in German. Please be respectful to the communicative choices of others but don’t hesitate to ask them or other to help out communicate in English.

When communicating, please always try to be guided by the values of respect, fairness, sensitivity and constructive criticism – remember our goals and that we all want the same thing – to make Checkmk stronger and more useful to everyone here.

The conversations we have here set the tone for every new arrival. Help us influence the future of this community by choosing to engage in discussions that make this forum an interesting place to be — and avoiding those that do not.

Hard Rules

These values are the general guidelines but to avoid any misinterpretation or abuse of them we will state several hard noes:

  • Racism, sexism and any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated in any circumstances. Let us respect each other. Any unique person can provide a unique perspective – that is why diversity is extremely important in any community that wants to thrive.
  • No abuse or harassment in any way: this kind of behavior will make us lose two people: the abused person who will feel discouraged to speak out and the person who will be banned for not respecting other people and their views
  • Misinformation. It is OK to be mistaken about something, but please do not share the information that you know is not true. Let us trust each other to do our best to provide good information and helpful advice
  • Spam. We want to keep the community useful for Checkmk users, contributors and maintainers, so spammers will be blocked
  • Personal attacks. Criticize ideas, not people
  • Trolling. Respectful conversations will bring us a longer way than trolling or any other such behavior.
  • Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics.
  • Do not post anything digital that belongs to someone else without permission and do not expose any private information. This rule does not include direct links to the information, openly available on the internet, for example links to other forum topics, documentation, blog posts, etc.

People who cannot follow those hard noes might be temporarily suspended or banned from the community.

Good Practices

Here are a couple of things that align well with the values described at the beginning and that tell the community that you care.

Behavior to be encouraged:

  • Searching for your issue in the forum before posting a topic. It might be so that others already resolved this, and we could have a win-win situation: you get your answer straight away and the community experts can spend more time on questions that are not resolved yet
  • Contact moderators if you have any concerns or ideas. Just flag inappropriate behavior or contact the community manager.
  • Take a look at Meta end Events categories. We want to create many opportunities for the community to cooperate and actively participate in the life of the forum, calls etc. Let’s build something great together!
  • Mark the solution to your question so that anyone could see that the issue is resolved.

When you see bad behavior, do not feel bad to “flag” it. It will give the moderators a signal, and you will not waste your precious specialist time and energy on arguing with a person who does not share your professional values.

The goal of moderation is to keep the community civil and comfortable. That is why moderators can delete some posts or user accounts. On the other hand, moderators do not preview new posts, so it is always up to you to help us keep the community welcoming. Please also note that the moderators and site operators take no responsibility for any content posted by the community.

The current version of CoC is inspired by Discourse’s Universal Rules of Civilized Discourse

Please take a look and feel free to comment and discuss this version.
Let us make our community rules truly community-inspired!


I assume I know what is meant with Do not post anything digital that belongs to someone else without permission, but theoretically I am breaking this hard rule when I am adding a (external) link as (possible) solution or further reading.

Like this, docs doesn’t belong to me and I didn’t ask permission:

But it might (help) being a solution to a problem.
So maybe a little expansion of that rule, so it is clear that linking is not a no no?

Unless it is a no no and I am hereby suspended … :laughing:


Hey @Sara,

a few short thoughts about the CoC from my side.

a good point to add to this section would be the reminder that the gros of people contribute in there free time and non profit. Some new members and posters expect fast respond due to the fact they think it’s driven by tribe29 and not the community.

Additional a short word about the language could be helpful too. tribe29 and also checkmk started as a german company and therefore the community is still really German based. In an IT environment i don’t see the English language as main communication way as a big problem but it may help to understand new community members to understand also how this community formed the first place. Maybe it could be also a part of the What we do section.

I would make this point much more explicit and would write, it’s not tolerated under any circumstances.

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What do you think if we just exclude direct links from this rule? Like the links to the sources. It is not really posting someone else’s data that is not available online otherwise :thinking:

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I definitely agree on all of these points.

I am not sure though in which form we might make the German roots a rule :thinking: Maybe something in the line of “We speak the language of cooperation – be it in English, German or any other language in which we can communicate. Checkmk was created in Germany and has many people who prefer to communicate in German. Please be respectful to the communicative choices of others”?

“… but don’t hesitate to ask them or other to help out communicate in English.”

I don’t understand the first section as rules, more as a general introduction to the checkmk community and background information to understand the community in a better way.

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@Yggy @tosch Hi! And sorry it took me so long, but I’ve added your suggestions. What do you think?

Looks good, I am now less fearing about getting suspended. :yum:

For all your contributions I will definitely start with only a warning! :smiley:

Ending the year with publishing the new CoC :partying_face:

It is now here