New Dashboard "Windows hosts"

I really like the new Dashobard Windows hosts, which were deliver in the new version 2.3.

However, I have one problem whit the Filesystems on the right side.
We have over 1000 windows server and that needs a long time to load.
Now I want to have only the top 20 ore 30 of it, but I not able to build that.

What do I miss?
Could someone pushes me in the right direction to build that?

you can add a filter. I guess you can even clone the dashboard and use the same ID so it will take priority for the built in one

I cloned the dashboard, but I am not able so configure that similar to for example “Top 10: CPU utilization”

For the time being, you need to use a Top 10 dashlet and set it to filesystems.
We changed it in a way, that most dashlets are now loaded very quickly in these dashboards to have it less frustrating to use it (the fast loading dashlets are the new top list dashlets).

We have not yet had the capacity to implement a top list functionality into views as this has really a lot of f**k up potential and requires a redesign of the entire view functionality to be properly usable. Eventually, we can do this. Our focus for 2.3 was to add the functionality in the backend (livestatus) and then offer it in easily accessible way.