New kubernetes cluster collector for ARM aarch64

I just wanted to test out the new kubernetes monitoring features on my raspi k3s cluster but sadly the cluster collector is only available for the amd64 architecture.
given the rising popularity of arm devices with raspis and apples m series cpus, are there any plans to release the collector for ARM architectures?

The cluster collector leverages Google’s cadvisor. This is the de-facto standard for container metrics collection. Thus, for now, we are bound by it to what can be supported.

And they do not support ARM out of the box.

Our priority is to support all enterprise environments and cover all key use cases. There is still some work here to do for us, that’s why we can not dedicate any time on ARM support. But we made the cluster collector for a reason open source and available on GitHub. So that everyone can have their go at it and adapt it to their needs.
Thus, feel free to follow the advice in the GitHub issue and build your own ARM packages.

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