New look or a bug?

Hey guys

The new look from 2.0.5b (I think it changed here, but I’m not really sure) is not that clearly (for me). Or is it just a bug?

In the left side is the old view and on the right side the new view.


This is how it should look like. What confused you?

So then it’s just my feedback, that the new looking is not that cleary as the old one (for me).

Can you describe in more detail for is not as clear anymore to you?

So you are talking about the text display being visually “clear” like sharp, crisp. Not about “clear” like understandable presentation of information?

You need only one short look in the left to see everything is ok.
To realize this in the right view you ve to look intensive on the board.


Hey guys

Sorry - clear is maybe the wrong word. What rprengel said: On the left site the lines are seperate. On the right the lines are like a table.

For me, the seperate lines on the left picture are more “well-arranged” than the table format on the right picture.

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Ok, get it now. Will forward that to the UX team.