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Hi everone,

some of you may have noticed that a few weeks ago we changed the search on from FESS (externally crawled) to lunr (JavaScript, index is built when the asciidoc is compiled to HTML). By feeding lunr with modified articles (TOC removed), we can fine tune very well.

We noticed many improvements for example much better results on brand or product names and far less unneeded long tail results (often FESS just returned all articles). However there might be some issues where the search does not behave as known from Google and the likes. If this happens, please tell us.

We did not yet provide a help on how to include or exclude search terms, so for now please follow the examples on: Searching : Lunr

And more improvements to the search… You can now create links that prefill the search form and open the result lists:

The parameter origin= is not strictly necessary, but we appreciate if it is set, since we should not rely on referrers. This also means: Please add origin=sitesearch if you create a custom sitesearch in Google Chrome with the information given here.


A nice addition for the docs search help Searching - Getting the most out of Search is the option to look for a string match by escaping the spaces, which otherwise parse the string into separate search terms.

Searching for one\\ two gives results, when available, where “one two” as string in text is used first, then results where “one” AND “two” are used, followed by “one” OR “two” results.

Especially helpful to get better results when there are pages filled with “one” AND “two”, but hardly or not with “one two” as string, ranking high in the results.

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