New status: (INFO) Informational

Hi folks
how about a new status called Info?
Sometimes the status a check returns may neither be WARN or CRIT bit instead just INFOrmational.
Example: we operate about 1300 Cisco Wifi access point controllers all over Europe which have ~25-35 access points (=AP) connected each.
The situation where all access points are online is basically never happening, so we have always some several dozen APs which fail and thus are ot connected to their controllers anymore, and they show a WARN (i.e. AP xyz not found).
Additionally we consider every CRIT (no matter what device) as impact to business or application (ie.e Incident) and WARN as “work has to be done before it becomes business/application critical” (i.e. Service Request) and tickets are created following this scheme.
So INFO would create a note for the application/service owner, which maybe also could be reported but may not be classified as either Service Request or application critical and i think this would apply good here.
Just an info and thats it
Long store short, how about an option in “Service State translation” (and maybe also for Hosts), which transforms a WARN or CRIT according to regex or tags or whatever to INFO
The check colors would then be blue font on white background. :slight_smile: