Notifications based on hosts and services labels

I’m trying to implement logic where I’m sending notifications based on hosts and services labels.

For some reason I’m unable to achieve that.

Let’s say that I have host1 which is marked by notifications-channel:alarm label and notifications are using proper notification rule with condition to match hosts by the specified label, but when I’m marking service of the host1 with the different label, let’s say notifications-channel:notify notifications still going to the notification which belongs to the hosts level (notifications-channel:alarm). Is that expected behavior, or there is a bug?

Also I noticed that description when I edited Notification rule:

It says hosts for both (hosts and services), but logically for service labels it should display “services” test (and work for services)?

I would say it is expected as the host still has this label.

You may be better off with setting a service level in the ruleset “Service Level of services” resp. “Service Level of hosts” based on the labels you assigned to the hosts and services.

This way you only have one attribute that can be matched in the notification rule.

Service levels can be defined in the global settings and do not have to be silver, gold and platinum. They take a numeric value and the notification rule can match on a range of these values.

From one side I agree, but if we set it explicitly it should do something :slight_smile:

Going to try with Service Levels