Notifications for some hosts are manually disabled and I can't enable them

CMK version: 1.6.0p14
OS version:

Error message: Notifications are manually disabled for this host

I have some hosts in my Check-MK with a symbol, that notifications are manually disabled.

I can’t remember that I have disabled the notifications. I want the notifications but I don’t get it.
When I click on the button to enable notifications here

Bildschirmfoto vom 2022-06-30 22-52-56

there is a question opening with a yellow background: “Do you really want to enable notifications for the following 8 Services?”

I click “Yes!” and I get an info “Successfully sent 8 commands” but nothing changed, the notificaitons for the host are still manually disabled.

Any ideas how I can enable the notifications again?

You enabled the notifications for the 8 services of the host and not the host itself.

You need to open the host view and use the command “Clear modified attributes” to remove the “notification disabled” status.

“Problem” solved. Thank you!