November 2022 Community Bulletin

:newspaper: Updates

November is gone, so it is time to summarize what happened during the month.

New Videos: What’s New in Checkmk 2.1

New Tutorial Videos:

:new: New Checkmk Shorts

:mega: Shout-outs

:trophy: New Community Helpers

Your answers helped someone and enriched our forum with yet another useful advice! Thank you :slight_smile:





:trophy: New Community Problem Solvers

Your answers became a solution for someone at least 5 times! That’s a great achievement!




:beetle: Bugfixes

In the last month we have merged 14 Pull Requests from our Contributors. We are grateful for your help in making Checkmk bug-free :slight_smile:

:loudspeaker: Accepted Feature Requests

The suggestions received in our new Feature Portal are being implemented, so do not forget to take a look and vote for features you find important! Last month only one new feature was implemented but there are more on the way:

Sidebar snap-in

As always, open for your suggestions, feedback and grateful for your participation,