October 2021 Community Bulletin

:newspaper: Updates

November Community Call: Dashboards

Mark your calendars for next month’s community call!

The next community call is scheduled to be on the 10th of November, with the Checkmk dashboards in the spotlight. Details of the event and the agenda will be announced in the next weeks.

In the meantime, what topic/s do you want to have next? Just reply to this thread with your suggestions!

New Checkmk Video Tutorials Coming Soon

We have been working on new content for the Checkmk YouTube channel and you can expect to see some of it soon!

For the upcoming set of videos, we will be using Checkmk 2.0 for the English remake of the previous beginner videos and the advanced tutorials. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you won’t miss any update.

:mega: Shout-outs

:trophy: New Community Helpers

Community members whose reply got marked as a solution for the first time. Welcome aboard!

:trophy: New Community Hero

Community member who got at least 50 replies marked as the solution. Thank you for continuously supporting the Checkmk community!

:electric_plug: Published Packages on the Exchange

These are the people who have contributed packages to the Exchange (new + updated packages) published last month.

@thl-cmk: Check Point Connections | BGP Peer State Check | OSPF Neighbor State Check

tklecker: Checks for Puppet Agent | oVirt Plugin (for 1.6) | Ovirt Plugin (for 2.0)

jgreiner: Check state of lmsensors output

@r.sander: Ruleset for check_snmp | Check SNMP Metric

:beetle: Bugfixes

Contributors whose PR got merged/included in the commit on the Checkmk GitHub repo last month. Also included are PRs that were not directly merged, but an action was taken by someone from tribe29 to apply the PR (e.g. creating internal tickets)

@amandahla: Ignore default version in omd cleanup. #391

4Syno: [special_agents] fritzbox bugfixing #392

@andreas-doehler mtr check perfdata broken with too many entries #393

@r.sander [bugfix] [agent] adds test for /var/qmail/bin/qmail-qstat #394

thomas1147: Preventing Crash of Oracle RMAN Archivelog Service #396

gradecke: Prevent crash of logwatch_ec in cluster setup #397

wu3rstele: check_sftp: fixed validation for private-key arg #398