Open telemetry support in Check_MK


Does Check_MK have any built in support/plugin for collecting data sent in Open telemetry or any other popular tracing format? E.g. I want to send some span traces using Check_MK agent to the Check_MK Server. Is this possible?

Sunil Menon

In another post was nearly the same question and the only way i see at the moment is the following

OpenTelemetry --> Prometheus --> CMK
How can we track open tracing spans in check MK

Dear Andreas,

How would the data from Prometheus be transformed into Check_MK is my concern since span data has a totally different parent child like structure which is normally absent in a check_mk service detail packet. In other words how would the data structure look like? Is there an out of box implementation of data from Prometheus to Check_MK in place?

Sunil Menon

In the actual 1.6p13 you have the Prometheus integration available.
Good start is the official documentation
As i have not so much to do with Prometheus, i cannot answer if this will work for your scenario.
The Prometheus integration supports PromQL queries to retrieve some data from Prometheus.