Opt partiton for Check_MK

Hello there!

As it says on Details for an installation in linux:

“Checkmk stores its data under the /opt/omd physical path. If the system is to be used exclusively for Checkmk, the major part of the hard drive’s free space should be available. In this case it is not essential – but very desirable – that /opt/omd, or /opt has its own partition.”

Probably it is a noob question, but what advantages having an /opt partition brings?

Hi @mtrissi and welcome to the checkmk community.

The /opt directory is traditional for all optional software on a Linux/Unix system which is provided by a 3rd party vendor.
The advantages are that you dont have to go through all the standard directories to find the configurations, libraries, binaries and do on. Additionally you can resize the disk without affecting your operation system if you have a virtual system and so on.

I hope this short informations help you to understand the decission of the installing directory.


That’s more of a general Linux question. In part traditional, yes, but some reasons are still valid today, depending on the setup and requirements.

If you use separate partitions (or rather: file systems), then filling one partition (Logs in /var/log, user files in /home/*, …) does not affect the others. You could even use different file system types. And have different mount options. Depending on your backup solution, separate file systems could also be required if you want to implement different backup or snapshot policies. Or put one file system on a disk on fast (but expensive) storage, other parts on slower but cheaper storage. @tosch already mentioned easier resizing. Perhaps implement quotas per file system. …



I’m really glad that you guys answered it. It is much clear to me now.

Thank you!