Oracle Cloud database connections?


In order to connect to Oracle Cloud one typically has an app server running some tools which use basic Oracle Client to connect to the remote Oracle Cloud database on another server. A wallet is always mandatory in order to connect. One cannot logon to the Cloud database host directly, only over sqlnet.

For CMK this mean one has to use REMOTE_INSTANCE parameter in conjunction with a wallet in mk_oracle.conf. Remote_instance has strict guidelines for it’s many parameters but those do not work at all when using a wallet. Elsewhere in mk_oracle.conf only DBUSER=’/:’ is needed to use a wallet. So how to combine these two ?

Using local sqlplus it is simple enough to connect the remote Oracle Cloud db simply ‘sqlplus user/pw@tnsalias’ - and it works.

All my efforts fiddling with REMOTE_INSTANCE_x parameters always produce at minimum @localhost:Port as the connect string when only getting ‘user/pw@tnsalias’ would suffice, but no luck this far …

Has anybody by chance succeeded in connecting to a remote Oracle db while using also a wallet at the same time ? Maybe i am missing something relevant here …

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