Organizing the "Found file log4j?" Topic

Hi Checkmk Community!

I received feedback about organizing our most replied topic (in the forum history so far :wink: ) as it is now getting long.


Should a new topic be created for the latest updates on the log4j plugin?

  • Yes, create a new topic
  • No, keep the old topic
  • I have another proposal (reply with your proposal)

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Long version:
Early discussions there were about building and testing together the package’s first versions, which have been updated multiple times since then. Hence, for updates (example) in the future, I propose to start a new thread to post and discuss them.

What does it mean for the existing thread:
It will be kept open, in case someone wants to follow-up on any previous discussion. But questions/suggestions/feedback related to the latest versions need to be in the new thread.

What do you think? :thinking: Quickly key in your vote in the poll, or you can also propose an alternative solution. :blush:


perhaps a new categorie log4j with 3 sub-categories?
installation and use
announcement new versions etc.
developer and feature-requests


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