Our plan for 2.2. Release

Dear Checkmk Community,

as you might have already figured out, we are working on the finalization of Checkmk 2.2. Although we can’t give you an exact release date, we wanted to give you an update on the current status and our timeline for the release.

  • Checkmk 2.2 Alpha (internal): We started stabilizing Checkmk in the first part of February and branched it on Feb 14th from master (GitHub - tribe29/checkmk at 2.2.0). We have started testing Checkmk 2.2 in production environments already. Our entire consulting and support team is blocked for alpha testing Checkmk 2.2 from March 13th - March 24th for thorough testing and detecting potential major bugs.
  • Checkmk 2.2 Beta (public): We currently plan the release of the beta on March 28th. This is of course subject to the results of our internal alpha tests. We are optimistic based on the environments we updated so far.

During the beta, we have planned weekly releases so that we can respond quickly to any necessary fixes.

If you want to try the beta, you can send bugs and feedback to feedback-2.2-beta@checkmk.com. We try to incorporate your feedback into the beta releases as quickly as possible.

The release of Checkmk 2.2 will ultimately depend on how well the beta goes and how quickly we achieve the necessary stability for the release. We currently expect the beta to last up to two months. Any support in beta testing is highly appreciated!

We will update this post, if there are any changes.
We are looking forward to 2.2!


What ist comming with 2.2?
Any news on GCP?

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Nice. This release include support for push mode, right?

You can already see the finished GCP plug ins here:

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Yes, on docs.checkmk.com in the master branch you will also already find a work in progress manual with many details, especially on the host registration.
Automated host creation


The tutorial is written very well and understandable, good work :+1:

Where can we find more information about the new Checkmk Cloud Edition? Is it a separate edition or an addition to the already existing Enterprise editions?


They talked about it on the conference last year but so fair very little information about it. As far as I understood it will be a new edition so the features for auto-registration and agent push mode will not be available in the Enterprise edition.

We will share more about the Cloud Edition once all detals are finalized. There are still some open legal and commercial topics.

but this is only for 2.2? Not clear mentioned by the Check Plug-Ins Catalog

Yes, this is only for 2.2.

Really eager to test this in April!

Any way for testing beta? I send a mail to checkmk but any response

We will announce a public beta in the near future, so everyone interested will be able to test. :raised_hands:

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But privately beta not possible actually?

Well, “public beta” means, that you can privately test the new version before release.
Currently, we are running internal tests - closed beta if you will - and after that the public will be able to test. Keep an eye on the announcements here and you won’t miss it. :v:

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:new: Exciting Update: We expect to have the beta release tomorrow!

More details are coming with the release, so stay tuned!


Tomorrow out public beta? Docker also?

I believe so.
We expect the release to be later today.

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Link appears in this forum when it’s available?

You can find the announcement in aaaah the Announcements channel :slight_smile: